[MLB-WIRELESS] Proxim Harmony 802.11a AP

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>Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 14:40:44 +1100
>>I like the idea of these, but as stated buy Tony (i think) where does it
>>5.8 GHz?
>>Where does one stand doing 5.2 GHz with external antenna's in australia?
>I think the cheaper units' default firmware allows only 5.2GHz.  On the 
>SeattleWireless list they talk about using 5.2 and 5.8GHz.  The more 
>expensive version has a firmware that lets you use all channels.  The first 
>model in the link below has all channels unlocked.

I brought a 5 pack of thes a few weeks ago. They are in Texas at the moment 
waiting for my next trip out there. The expensive one (if you call $16 
expensive)  is for the US market. The cheap one is for the Japan market.

>I'm not sure if it's a different card (Atheros PCMCIA) in the more 
>expensive version or if it's just a different firmware that allows 5.8Ghz 
>operation.  For now it might be a safer bet to get the slightly more 
>expensive one.  But make sure it has removable antennas - not all of them 
It's a different card. Here is the link to the socal dudes, they seem to 
have been hacking this the longest, though just up on that page  is a  link 
to the Russian guy that has done the majority of the hack.



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