[MLB-WIRELESS] Proxim Harmony 802.11a AP

Tony Langdon (ATC) tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Tue Dec 21 11:31:29 EST 2004

> There's been some discussion of the Proxim Harmony 802.11a AP on the 
> SeattleWireless list.
> Some info abou them here:
> http://socalfreenet.org/proxim8571
> Basically a small AP that can do 5.2 and 5.8GHz, and can be 
> reflashed with 
> Linux.

The site only mentions 5.2 GHz. :(

It'd be nice to use 5.8GHz for some links ( I think it's legal) - a lot less

noise and interference in the 5.8GHz band.  But if they sell these things at

this price for much longer it will get a lot more noisy.

Well, 5.8 is legal at 1W EIRP.  Could be good for short hops and local
coverage at higher speeds. :)

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