[MLB-WIRELESS] Sunshade for outdoor AP box?

Dan Flett conhoolio at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 20 15:57:42 EST 2004

Hi guys,

Can anyone suggest to me a smart way to do a pole-mount sunshade for my
outdoor AP box?  My box will be mounting directly on to the mast, so I'm
trying to think of something I can get that will sit over the AP box
without the mast needing to go through it - IE the sunshade and AP box
should be able to bolt on to the mast and allow airflow through the
sides.  It doesn't have to be waterproof.  It would be nice if it could
provide a way of keeping most of the rain off the top and off the
connectors on the bottom.

Rob Clark has a design for one at the bottom of this page:

This looks a bit labor-intensive to make though.  I'm thinking something
more along the lines of an upturned rectangular mop-bucket or something
like that - but something that won't look too stupid at the top of a
mast.  Something cheap, easily obtainable that won't require massive
modification.  I've been to Bunnings and looked at letter-boxes - they
are good in that they have a hinged lid - I could turn them sideways
with the letter-slot facing down - but they are not too cheap.  I'm even
thinking about something like a wooden or plastic birdhouse.

Darling Downs Wireless (http://ddwireless.net/) used to have some
pictures up of a Minitar inside a piece of PVC pipe - with the sides
open to the elements.  I can't find the pictures anymore, but a section
of PVC pipe might be an idea too.

Anyway, have a think... :)



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