[MLB-WIRELESS] regarding eBGP - private AS numbers are relatively limited...

Rowan Crowe rowan at sensation.net.au
Thu Dec 16 12:26:12 EST 2004

Have you guys considered that there are only 1023 private AS numbers
available? (AS64512 - AS65535)

You could use arbitrary AS numbers but there would be a small risk of
someone who has their own real-world ASN accidentally leaking out routes
to the big bad internet... or flooding melbwireless with a hundred
thousand global routes. :)

I'm a bit rusty with iBGP, I can't remember whether all neighbours need to
be talking to each other (n^2 interconnections - and config lines!) or
it's sufficient to have only directly connected neighbours communicating
between themselves.

Is RIPv2 too simple? Maybe less is more? *shrug*


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