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Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Sun Aug 29 18:23:15 EST 2004


On Friday 27 Aug 2004 8:53 am, Dan Flett wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> I'm not from the Fitzroy area. :)  But I've been playing with the
> various firmwares for the WRT54G.  I'm a recent convert to OpenWRT
> (http://openwrt.org).  It is a true Linux distro for the WRT54G and
> unlike the Linksys or other third-party firmwares out there, it formats
> part of the flash memory as a read/write partition, making it much more
> flexible.

Agreed, I'm a fan of it too, and if I ever have some Copious Free Time I'm 
going to have a bash at making some packages for it (Shorewall and Postfix 
spring to mind).

> It has package management and Quagga/OSPF is one of the
> packages.  I'm currently experimenting with it on a WRT54GS - I think it
> has great potential.

A good tip from their website is to use a security bug in the Linksys 
webserver to run some NVRAM commands on your system to set up the boot_wait 
flag on. This means that on every reboot the box will wait for a flash 
upgrade via TFTP on for a few seconds so that if you do 
completely botch it you can recover. :-)

The hack tricks the system into doing:

cp */*/nvram /tmp/n
*/n set boot_wait=on
*/n commit
*/n show

>  It has a few minor bugs to do with installing packages, but other than that
> it seems quite stable.

The joy of it is that you can grab everything you need from CVS and fix it if 
you know how to! :-)

> All it needs is someone with more Iptables experience than me. :) I have
> next to none, but I'm learning.

This is one of the reasons I reckon Shorewall would be a great package to port 
to it, first off it should be relatively easy as it's all shell scripts and 
secondly it does all the hard work with iptables for you. :-)

> OpenWRT are also sticklers for complying with the GPL, unlike Sveasoft,
> who treat the GPL as something that inconveniences their business model.

Yeah, and from some of what I've seen about their practices I'd rather stear 
well clear of them.

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