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Sat Aug 28 23:47:53 EST 2004

I seem to rember high voltage and low voltage differential aren't 
compatable. information on the idenfication and markings can be found on 


Alan wrote:

> Mark,
> The funny d connector is called a Honda connector otherwise know as a 
> wide SCSI or Ultra Wide SCSI connector (Ultra being the Speed).
> There are adapters to convert to the 50 pin internal narrow SCSI, The 
> change from Wide SCSI to Narrow in not an issue the SCSI stuff is all 
> backward compatible, it will run at the fastest common speed and use 
> the maximum pins available. You might try the cable guys at the swap 
> meet or there is a shop in Latrobe st opposite Melb Central that also 
> stocks lots of connectors.  
> Alan Barrow
> Mark Aitken wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Recently I posted a message looking for RAM for a DIGITAL (tm) Server 
>> 1000.  Thanks to winder ( g at z <mailto:g at z> ) I now have the box booting.
>> Next step.  It doesnt want to look at my PCI IDE card as it wants to 
>> boot from the onboard SCSI adaptor.  I have borrowed a 500Meg scsi HD 
>> from work to test it but the cable is not the problem.  The onboard 
>> connected is a 68pin "D" type connector and the HD is a 50pin BOX header.
>> Does anyone have or know of where I could get a suitable scsi cable 
>> to go from this 68pin funny d type on the motherboard to the 50pin 
>> box header, or do I need certain scsi HD to suit?
>> Many thanks for any advice/offers you can give.
>> Regards
>> Mark
>> NodeGXT

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