[MLB-WIRELESS] network webcam and HVC update

Dan Flett conhoolio at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 27 08:53:54 EST 2004

Hi Tim,

I'm not from the Fitzroy area. :)  But I've been playing with the
various firmwares for the WRT54G.  I'm a recent convert to OpenWRT
(http://openwrt.org).  It is a true Linux distro for the WRT54G and
unlike the Linksys or other third-party firmwares out there, it formats
part of the flash memory as a read/write partition, making it much more
flexible.  It has package management and Quagga/OSPF is one of the
packages.  I'm currently experimenting with it on a WRT54GS - I think it
has great potential.  It has a few minor bugs to do with installing
packages, but other than that it seems quite stable.  All it needs is
someone with more Iptables experience than me. :) I have next to none,
but I'm learning.

OpenWRT are also sticklers for complying with the GPL, unlike Sveasoft,
who treat the GPL as something that inconveniences their business model.



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> > This is slightly off-topic, but if read in connection with an AP,
> > could just as easily be suitable as wireless webcam :)
> Node HVC is in a great location for a Ziggy-cam.  Anyone got any
> ideas on how to do cheap ethernet cams?  I've seen some cheap ones
> in the US but no one at the swap meet seems to be selling them :-(
> The spot for HVC now has power and I tested the antenna with the
> wrt54G but I'm not sure if it should go on the left or right
> connector.  I could get decent coverge (with my ibook as far as I
> was willing to walk that day so 400 m on the other side of the park)
> The antenna is a 120 degree and I'm not sure of the range but at
> this poing I'm going to try to point it to the NE so maybe we can
> link the northern link to the eastern links but thats open to
> discussion.
> Does anyone in the Fitzroy area have any experience reflashing the
> WRT?  I'm considering a node building BBQ sometime either this or
> next weekend...
> And who updates the dates on the web page, Next meeting is Aug
> 13th...
> -tim
> http://web.abnormal.com
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