[MLB-WIRELESS] OT: Internet Load Sharing

Adam H. adamsmail at jvxp.com
Tue Aug 24 08:39:55 EST 2004

> Like Tony said, LARTC should do you.
> Be aware, that multi-homed load balancing is relatively tricky/etc - I
> think even at this point it requires linux kernel + userspace tool
> patching.

Thanks guys. I will look at this, but am not entirely enthusiastic about
it's "relatively trickyness". Especially if it involves patching linux
kernel. (As I am not familiar with any of this. I normally install straight
out of the box, and do some configuring).

Thanks also, to Rowan for suggesting squid. Maybe this is also something I
should be looking at. (If it's going to be a lot simpler than LARTC).

Thanks & Regards


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