[MLB-WIRELESS] Old PCs going really super dooper cheap.

Winder winder at iinet.net.au
Mon Aug 23 21:44:11 EST 2004


 I got some old systems that are cluttering up the house, and the boss wants
me to get rid of them. Cheap. Real cheap. Like make me an offer, any offer.
I'm near Knox City Shopping Center. Pickup preffered, but if you offer me
petrol money I can deliver.

 - Celeron 366 system. 228 meg SDRAM, 4 and 2 gig HDD, Desktop ATX case with
250W PSU. Slot 1 MB with socket 370 adapter. 2 10 meg NICs, AGP graphics
card. ISA sound card (not sure if it works) FDD, CD ROM. Loaded with Fedora
Core 2. Make a great wedding present for that couple that you just don't
really like that much, or a good Linux firewall / router.

 - Pentium 200 MMX system. HP Vectra VL slim line desktop. 96 meg of 72 pin
RAM, 2.5 gig HDD, FDD, CD ROM. inbuilt Video and LAN, USB 1.1. Loaded with
Fedora Core 2, but like that's a bit plus. A good item to give away to
people that you don't know really well, so you can give the impression that
you are so rich you can give good computer gear away, but you are out of the
scene before they realise it's not going to play Doom3 very well. Ok, at

 Desktop ATX case, empty except 250 ATX PSU.

 Other crap I got: 2 x slot 1 Celeron 300s - free! some 8 meg 72 pin RAM
modules - Also free!!!

 Sorry for the spam, but I would prefer that someone puts these boxen to a
good cause, like a Melb wireless node for routing or something.

g at z.

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