[MLB-WIRELESS] OT: Internet Load Sharing

Fenn Bailey fenn_b at smktech.com.au
Mon Aug 23 18:28:06 EST 2004

> What exactly are you trying to achieve?  Load balancing?  If 
> you're going to use Linux at your gateway, you have all you 
> need.  Look at the LARTC HowTo
> LARTC = Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control. :-)

Like Tony said, LARTC should do you.

Be aware, that multi-homed load balancing is relatively tricky/etc - I
think even at this point it requires linux kernel + userspace tool

It's supposed to work rather well, though. I've fooled around quite a
bit with linux's traffic shaping/policing abilities and I'm really quite
impressed with the power/flexibility there. Haven't fooled with load
balancing (at least for upstream) as yet though.


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