Dan Flett conhoolio at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 20 08:39:52 EST 2004

> The site is on the North East of the CBD on top of the building at
> about 166 meters so it will be seen by nearly anyplace in the north
> and east.  Of course it will also pick up anything so I expect it
> to have problems much like node GHO.
> So does anyone have any suggestions for an AP or which way to
> point the antenna?
> -tim
> http://web.abnormal.com

Excellent news Tim!

My suggestion that it be used to link RGInnerNorth to RGCentral,
possilbily RGMaribynong too.  And that it be locked-down from the
outset.  As we saw with GHO, too many connections make any node pretty
much useless.  Especially if that node only has one radio interface.  I
would only allow 3 nodes to connect, tops.  RF noise is likely to be a
massive problem in the CBD.

My suggestion for an AP is, you guessed it, a WRT54G.  Simply because it
can run OSPF in a low-profile, fanless box and restrict access by MAC
address.  It can also run Frottle (wireless QoS).  We would be able to
set one up off site, and you'd be able to just drop it in place and let
it go on site.  If the WRT54G's low power is a problem, maybe we should
add a 200mW Senao.  That would give us two interfaces, and Frottle and
OSPF would be active for both.

Would the AP be housed outdoors or indoors?



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