[MLB-WIRELESS] LinkSYS WRT54G Over Long Distance

Nick Grundy ngrundy at isoproplex.net
Wed Aug 18 22:27:20 EST 2004

I've yet to do any great distance testing with my wrt54G running OpenWRT and 15dBm
(30mW)  From 30mW 180degree 18db waveguide to 25db conifer we run a 2mbit link over
just over 15km.  Our problem down here in Hobart isn't signel strength it's timing.
We've got a link that runs 18.1km but what ever AP we run on them (either Linksys WET11
to WAP11 or Dlink 900 to 810 or Minitar to 810) we hit dup packets due to the timing
issues with the 802.11b protocol.

As for numbers (this is iwconfig stats from a cabletron roamabout ~2m of 213)
Link Quality:16/92  Signal level:-80 dBm  Noise level:-96 dBm

link is just under 10km in length accross the derwent river.

If it helps we work on a 'safe' distance of 10km, and a 'it get's average' distance of
about 14.5k after 15k it's just getting dicy due to protocol issues.

I'd be interested in seeing methods of boosting the power on the WRT54G's especially
under OpenWRT.

In other things i'm quite impresssed with OpenWRT i've currently got it running my
nodes AP here, with 5 sepperate routed ethernet ports. One is connected to my uplink
via a dlink 810 and the other is connected to my local lan. throw in quagga's bgp 
dropbear ssh for management and it's an awsome investment!

> Hi Guys,
> I have got myself a Linksys WRT54G and have loaded on the Sveasoft 
> Firmware (Satoria-4.0 v2.07 1.7sv)on it and works like a treat :-)
> I also have a 8dB Omni antenna connected to it, and changed the setting 
> in the firmware to use 50mw not 28mw. (It can go up to 80mw but I have 
> been told that having it that high can fry it).
> With these settings how far away would link last? 
> Using another WRT54G the other end a good option too? I know it will 
> probably drop down to B speeds anyway.
> I will also be opening this link to users in my area, I'm node HFD.  I 
> have noticed there is not one very close to me, but can always start :)  
> Services will be file, irc, gaming and much more :)
> Thanks
> Phil
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