[MLB-WIRELESS] OSPF Area IDs and IP blocks / Quagga

Rowan Crowe rowan at sensation.net.au
Wed Aug 18 12:52:23 EST 2004

> That's about the extent of my newfound knowledge of Quagga and OSPF.  My
> ospfd.conf used to have 'redistribute connected route-map just-10' but
> I've read the docs and I still can't work out what a route-map is
> exactly, and what 'just-10' means.  OSPF works with just 'redistribute
> connected' so I'm thinking it's best to keep things simple.

It's been a few years since I played with Cisco-style dynamic routing
commands, but from memory a route-map is a conditional modifier.  For
example, it may change a flag if the route matches a particular IP address

'just-10' would be the name of the route-map. If you don't have a specific
entry defining this route-map then the reference to it will probably be


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