[MLB-WIRELESS] OSPF Area IDs and IP blocks / Quagga

Winder winder at iinet.net.au
Tue Aug 17 20:50:07 EST 2004

Hi Dan,

 I'm a bit of a supporter of doing it right the first time, considering the
objective of Melb wireless is to make one big network. Using the wrong ospf
area now, only means a lot of rework later on if, or when you, connect to
another area. I'd suggest using the correct area from now on and fixing up
what you have now.

 I've got a mate in RGSouther and I'm hoping that we will be able to link up
real soon now. :)

g at z.

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Can anyone provide a list of the address ranges for each Locfinder Area
that the node IP Block Allocations come from?

For instance, here in RGSouthern our IP addresses all seem to fall
within  Is this correct?

All our Quagga setups are using Area 0 as there no need for us to use
Area 10 hasn't arisen yet (network isn't big enough).  If we were to be
connected to, say, RGOuterEasten, would we need to config our local
routers to:

(from ospfd.conf)
network area

At the moment, I find that it's sufficient to put

router ospf
 ospf router-id
 redistribute connected
 network area

in ospfd.conf to get things working.

After playing with Quagga config files I've found it's not necessary to
specify ip addresses or local networks in either zebra.conf or
You only need to specify the names of network interfaces.  This means
two less files you have to edit if you change an IP address on an
interface in your box.  The 'ospf router-id' also doesn't
seem to be critical - it's just a reference for humans reading the
output of Quagga's OSPF routing table to see the addresses of OSPF
routers on the network.  The network won't break if it's set to
something else.

Basically what I'm doing is trying to work out the minimum level of
configuration that Quagga needs to work on our network.


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