[MLB-WIRELESS] Senao AP experiences?

Jamie Moir jmoir at jmcs.net.au
Fri Aug 13 14:08:05 EST 2004

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Ben Grech wrote:

> Anyone have first hand experience with the Senao line of
> APs? I'm considering replacing the AP I have at node GPR,
> and am looking at Senao's 11g model because the price on the
> 11b model is getting way out there. GPR is in a good spot so
> it's worth some investment, but preferably not another $400
> worth.

Umm the b model equivalent to the g unit is cheaper than the g unit ($225
v's $280), there is a more expensive, but better featured b pro plus units
available as well ~$363.



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