[MLB-WIRELESS] intel mini-pci 2100 or 2200 nics?

Tom Fifield [gummAY] gummay at gummAY.net
Tue Aug 10 17:00:29 EST 2004



They also sell Senao ones, and a toshiba: 


Tom Fifield

Anthony Baxter wrote:

> Anyone know anyone in Australia who sells intel's
> mini-pci 2100 or 2200 cards? google.com.au is being
> unhelpful, and none of the usual suspects seem to
> have anything. It looks, from the net, as though
> under linux there's open source (reverse-engineered)
> drivers as well as support from linuxant (commercial).
> Anyone had experience with either of these?
> Thanks,
> Anthony (who's sick of having to find the stupid
> PCMCIA card all the time...)

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