[MLB-WIRELESS] 96K game with AMAZING graphix

rick mibz at optushome.com.au
Mon Aug 9 03:38:34 EST 2004


- We do .not. have some kind of magical data compression machine that is
able to squeeze
hundreds of megabytes of mesh/texture and sound data into 96k. We merely
store the
individual steps employed by the artists to produce their textures and
meshes, in a very
compact way. This allows us to get .much. higher data density than is
achievable with
normal data compression techniques, at some expense in artistic freedom and
loading times.
- .kkrieger is not written in 100% assembler/machine language. Not even
nearly. Like the
vast majority of game projects being developed today, .kkrieger was mostly
written in
C++, with some tiny bits of assembler where it is actually advantageous
(notably, there
are a lot of MMX optimisations in the texture generator).
- A kilobyte is, historically, defined to be 1024 (2^10) bytes, not 1000.
Thus .kkrieger is
a game in 96k even though it's actually 98304 bytes.
- The concept of the texture/mesh generators was developed by fiver2. We do
.not. want to
claim that the techniques we used to develop .kkrieger are new inventions.
It´s rather a
selection of useful operations and their parameters to optimise the results.

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