[MLB-WIRELESS] Digital Server 1000

2ds 2ds at crypt.cx
Sun Aug 8 18:35:56 EST 2004

Without knowing exactly it probably uses registered and or ECC ram and 
maybe even 5v sdram.


Mark Aitken wrote:

> Hi,
> I have obtained (for next to nothing" a Digital (TM) Server 1000 computer.
> Now, I expect it not to work for the $5.00 I paid but just for the 
> sake of it I wish to see if it boots.
> It has a SCSI CDROM and Tape Drive, a single PII Slot 1 Processor 
> (second slot 1 has "blank" PCB in it).
> Anyway,  the 256M 168 pin memory stick I have did not fit properly,  
> the keyway towards the end appeared to be in a slight different 
> position, only by about a mm or so.
> Is there a different style of RAM for these beasties??
> Regards
> MArk

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