[MLB-WIRELESS] All quiet on the Wireless front....

Dan Flett conhoolio at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 4 16:01:58 EST 2004

I heard that the new Linksys firmware has something wrong with the new
wireless driver - people are reporting much lower signal strengths from

I definitely agree that the Sveasoft firmware isn't ready for prime time
- but they admit that themselves - when they say the new pre-releases
are unstable, they definitely mean it.  Basically, we're all alpha
testers for their development work.  Ultimately I hope they can come up
with something useful to us here on the Melbourne Wireless network, but
we may be waiting a while.  There are lots of people who want features
that we would never use (or not essentially need to build out the
network) - it seems that Sveasoft is being pulled every which way when
it comes to feature requests.

I guess what the WRT54G needs most right now is a way to individually
configure the wireless, WAN and LAN interfaces.  I don't think the
Linksys firmware will ever do that, but the Sveasoft firmware is just
about there.  Wether they go all the way remains to be seen.  They need
to throw out the old config screens and come up with a new unified
control panel for all the network interfaces.  Then it will be easier to
add features to each interface individually, such as OSPF and Frottle.
People just need to start requesting these features more.



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> > An upcoming feature is to be able to save/restore the
> > NVRAM settings via the web interface.  You'll be able to
> > take settings from one WRT54G and put them into another
> > which should make setting up a box a lot faster. We could
> > possibly post an NVRAM settings file somewhere that has
> > settings for a typical Melbourne Wireless node, and let
> > people refine their setup from that.
> Ah but the newest Linksys firmware already has this. ;)
> They've also added a few new features that were previously
> found only in 3rd party firmware (eg. QoS), plus a few
> bonuses of their own (eg. port triggering). And of course no
> bugs!
> Ben.
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