[MLB-WIRELESS] All quiet on the Wireless front....

Ben Grech bgrech at internode.on.net
Wed Aug 4 13:36:43 EST 2004

> An upcoming feature is to be able to save/restore the
> NVRAM settings via the web interface.  You'll be able to
> take settings from one WRT54G and put them into another
> which should make setting up a box a lot faster. We could
> possibly post an NVRAM settings file somewhere that has
> settings for a typical Melbourne Wireless node, and let
> people refine their setup from that.

Ah but the newest Linksys firmware already has this. ;)
They've also added a few new features that were previously
found only in 3rd party firmware (eg. QoS), plus a few
bonuses of their own (eg. port triggering). And of course no


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