[MLB-WIRELESS] All quiet on the Wireless front....

Andrew Leech a_leech at swin.edu.au
Wed Aug 4 00:37:27 EST 2004

I hadn't heard of the idea of switching the wireless and wan port, but I'm currently starting to think of ways to basically seperate the wan from the wireless from the switch, basically use all 3 seperately, with seperate firewalling/routing for each. I can now change the file structure of the firmware before it get's compiled into the .bin file, so I can play a fair bit with scripts and the like.

The latest firmware I've got is the alchemy pre5.1 non-public(?) release, and it's client mode simply bridges the wireless to the switch ports on back, with no additional configuration available from web interface (and no documentation either :-/
I'm under the imppression that alchemy is the latest one available to subscribers....but I'm not one, so don't know for sure....I've heard some quite disturbing things about the guy behind sveasoft and his practices, and don't know that I want to give him money, but that's a different story. And I don't really like having to pay money just to get on the forum to chat to other users....

The ssh is a bit of a pain, having to stuff around with public&private keys, I'm happy with passwords myself, but it does work, as does the telnet. very handy :) I've worked out that it's going to take a bit more effort than I was hoping to get nfs client support on, but it's already got wget in it so once ssh'd in, can download modded files into the temp dir to test.


On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 23:45:57 +1000, Dan Flett <conhoolio at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Andrew, All,
> I've been trying to compile WRT54G firmware for myself but have hit a
> few hurdles.  Have sort of given up for now, but I'll try again soon and
> post my symptoms.
> I've been thinking a lot about the essential applications a Melbourne
> Wireless routing node needs, and how to get these into a WRT54G
> firmware.  I want to make it as easy as possible for non-linux-geeks to
> get involved in the network.
> I've noticed the new Sveasoft firmware has some interesting features,
> including a wireless client mode that swaps the internal network
> interfaces so that the wireless interface is treated as if it was the
> WAN interface.  It's not at a point yet where you could satisfactorily
> set up a Melbourne Wireless node entirely via the web interface, but
> it's getting closer.  Certainly it is possible via the command line if
> you've got some linux experience.
> Has anyone got any suggestions for default settings in a firmware for
> the WRT54G?  I'd like to see these things working:
> * OSPF working on the WAN and Wireless interfaces, with separately
> settable area IDs for each interface...
> * The latest version of Quagga ported to the WRT54G, Sveasoft is using
> Zebra 0.92-something.
> * NoCatSplash or Chillispot Captive portals, with a nice Melbourne
> Wireless information webpage that pops up when someone attempts to
> access a web page in their browser
> You can Telnet or SSH into the box and have a play.  The shell is quite
> nice, it even has command completion (press TAB).  I do miss MC though.
> :)
> I don't think that it's a good idea to put a directional antenna on one
> of the antenna connections and an omni on the other.  I don't think
> antenna diversity works that way.  But certainly give it a test, and
> post your results!  But I think you'd be better off connecting another
> AP to one of the WRT54G's ports and using it as a client.
> Dan
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>> Yeah, you'd be crazy to stick to the stock linksys firmware, it's so
>> incredibly limited compared to 3rd party ones, especially sveasoft.
> For
>> those who don't really know it, the sveasoft one is used exactly the
> same
>> as the stock one, they've got the same web interface and everything,
> it's
>> just got many more capabilities.
>> I've just got my hands on a copy of the source for the latest
> non-public
>> release of sveasoft firmware and having a bit of fun compiling up a
> few
>> slightly customised firmwares for it....first thing for me is to get
> nfs
>> client running so can mount a share from my main linux server, and I'm
>> trying to build one with a hacked wireless driver that supposedly
> might
>> help for longer links, although it's not certain it's working right.
>> If anyone's interested in having a copy of the firmware with their own
>> default settings compiled into it they're more than welcome to contact
> me.
>> Once I've compiled it the first time, it only takes about 2 minutes to
>> recompile with a new default's file.
>> Andrew Leech (CoronaFire)
>> On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 08:48:12 +1000, Winder <winder at iinet.net.au> wrote:
>> > Howdy.
>> >
>> >  It's been quiet out there for some time.... what's going on?
>> >
>> >  Anyone that just got a WRT54G managed to flash it, and if so what
>> happened?
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> > g at z.
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >


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