[MLB-WIRELESS] All quiet on the Wireless front....

Matt Pearce matt at pearceits.com.au
Tue Aug 3 23:10:55 EST 2004

Winder wrote:
>  So, how good is sveasoft? I too am looking to get it to replicate the
> functionality of my retired linux box with the WRT54G but I am not a linux
> guru by any means. I'm a tainted windows user that looks upon the word
> 'compile' to mean 'good luck buddy, you're going to need it'.

The firmware is very easy to use and I just loaded a pre-built one in as 
I really have no clue how to compile things etc.

>  So, I want routing between AAF and GAZ, a local AP with maybe VPN into my
> home network and that's about it.
>  Does the sveasoft firmware support AP to AP, if the other end is running
> host AP?

I have 2 WRT54G's currently (both with Sveafoft firmware) and to get 
them to talk to each other one has to be set to client and the other to 
AP, there is also other modes available like adhoc etc.

  I'd really love to have just on AP with one of the diverse antenna
> connections going to my directional Hills jobby, and the other for a local
> omni. Not sure if you can do that, but that would be the ideal solution. If
> that is possible, then I've got some hardware for sale :)

Not sure if this can be done, but you can specify right/left/auto for 
the antenna, you can even turn the power up if you want.

The new firmware is capable of doing heaps of stuff and apparently you 
can even SSH into the ones with newer firmware.


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