[MLB-WIRELESS] All quiet on the Wireless front....

Cameron McCormack cam-melbwireless at aka.mcc.id.au
Tue Aug 3 10:53:13 EST 2004

>  It's been quiet out there for some time.... what's going on?
>  Anyone that just got a WRT54G managed to flash it, and if so what happened?

Yep, I've got OpenWRT[1] running on my WRT54G now.  It's a bit cramped
(only a couple of MB of space to install my programs) but usable.  I've
got a DNS server running on there now to host my domain and an NTP
server.  I'm going to use it to replace my Linux box which does my
Internet sharing.


[1] http://openwrt.ksilebo.net/

Cameron McCormack
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