[MLB-WIRELESS] MMDS grids for sale.

Luke Richmond luke at richmond.id.au
Fri Apr 30 20:27:51 EST 2004

These are the "real deal".  The fact that they have come "used" is no detriment to anybody, only cheaper!  If you wish to buy a "real deal" Hills manufactured pac-mono passive dipole to go with the grid - instead of modifying your own down converter into a passive dipole - then Im happy to do that, they will be sold at my cost.  The RF plots speak for themselves.  These are a better product in regard to f/b ratio, lobes etc than the conifer product.  Why do you think Austar + East coast went to the Hills, and Galaxy went bust (not the only reason).  Im up for suggestions (reasonable)  that people wish to pay for these.  
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