[MLB-WIRELESS] IP traffic analysis LINUX

Richard Van Orsouw Richard.Van.Orsouw at optus.com.au
Fri Apr 30 10:28:17 EST 2004

> iptraf ?

I've had a look @ iptraf which seems only to look at ip's in realtime with
out any accounting functions.

> i am not sure what do you want.
> what do you mean by sub-interfaces, ip aliasing?
> Soragan

As an example

wlan0:0 link to FPY
wlan0:1 link to FSS
wlan0:2 link to CBD
wlan0:3 link to GDW

I have created 4 subnets (/30) from my allocated /28
As mentioned earlier, tx and rx bytes are only logged via ifconfig on wlan0,
not the sub interfaces.



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