[MLB-WIRELESS] Node DAC is finally on the air!

Giles Pollock glp71s at mailandnews.com
Sun Apr 25 20:35:18 EST 2004

After quite some time since i first became involved in the group, my node 
(DAC) is finally running 24/7
Currently it isnt connected to anything else, and only hosts some very basic 
services, this will change when i can actually think of things to put on it 
which will run on an old 486 laptop... In the mean time, the antenna (which is 
on a rotatable mounting) is pointing SE

System statistics as follows

486 laptop running linux
enterasys card with hermesAP (card in BSS mode)
is running a dhcpd, ircd and httpd
antenna is an 18dbi modded galaxy on 7m of LMR400

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