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James Healy jimmy at deefa.com
Fri Apr 16 16:50:06 EST 2004

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| Don't forget the prize draw for the wireless.org.au server!

Some more on this..

It has occurred to the committee that many newcomers to this list and
Melbourne Wireless may not be aware of our current hosting situation.

The Melbourne Wireless website is currently maintained by myself and
Tyson Clugg, and is hosted on a server provided by Steven Haigh, who
also happens to have been our inaugural President.

Steve runs wireless.org.au as a service to various community wireless
groups, including us.

As part of this fundraiser and as a small token of our appreciation to
Steve for all his supprt, the committee has decided to buy Steve the 4RU
case he requires to rebuild the server. As Vaskos has mentioned, we will
also run a raffle at tonight's meeting, the proceeds of which will go
towards the cost of a Raid enclosure.

Hopefully this makes things as clear as mud!

James Healy

PS. I've put the minutes from this years first 2 committee meetings on
the website ->
. Apologies for the lateness - i'll try and be more prompt with this in
the future

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