[MLB-WIRELESS] laser cut waveguides

michael campion mikecamp at optusnet.com.au
Wed Apr 7 13:52:25 EST 2004

I'm looking at getting together a bulk purchase of  laser cut tube for waveguide antennas. I have looked into the cost of cutting and have been given prices of $25.70+gst for 16 slot and $48.40+gst for 16+16 slot, these prices were based off drawings of Tervor Marshalls design and will also depend on quantities ordered. There is also a price for programming, $25+gst and Jig setup $60+gst, these cost will be divided up when final quantities are known. I've heard other people have got tube cut up in the past, does anyone know how these prices compare. 
The Aluminium costs are around $38+gst per waveguide but cost will also depend on quantities purchased and will shop around some more when I know exact quantities.

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