Lee Moyle lee at noremac.com.au
Fri Apr 2 12:37:17 EST 2004

That sounds like a good idea ryan
i will get mark (gxt) to put another dlinlk 900 in the box with the
crossover cable.

Dan, glenn GMI has a link to me GXQ on melb wireless. its a bit tempory at
the moment though.

we were hoping that HRW could be a general point for folks to point to down
here in the never never.
then a 24dbi dish pointing to another person to link in this area into the
melb wireless mesh..

Mark GXT has mentioned the amp , which i think is probably going to be
mandatory. at the site
Most of the Narre Warren/ Berwick area should be able to see HRW.
The site we first looked at has a commercial wireless set up on it that is
at the Narre Warren tip site.
i think to much interference,

Well we can only try i guess.

cheers Lee

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> >Hi all
> >we are looking at placing a node on a 2 story factory in Hallam, Just
> to the hallam pub
> >for starters will have a dlink 900ap+ (no comments ryan)
> .....my silence is comment enough.  ;)
> But seriously, I would suggest two AP's up there.  1 on a 180 or 360
> antenna running as an Access Point.  The other running client mode and a
> directional antenna pointing off to join in with another cluster.  You
> attach the two with a crossover cable.
> This way the AP isn't using part of it's bandwidth for it's uplink to the
> cluster it's attached to.

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