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Lee Moyle lee at noremac.com.au
Fri Apr 2 09:08:58 EST 2004

A19dbi antenna.....
i hope the wind doesnt blow to much
i think the pattern will be so sharp that you will get a lot of signal fluctuation.
my 12db on 1296 mhz is useless when the wind blows abit, from fullsignal to just noise.

my 2c
cheers Lee
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  We're looking at putting up a couple of access points here where I live, as we have access to one of the old Mills (Standing roughly 150 feet above the rest of the buildings). We've purchased a 19dbi gain Omni-directional antenna, and are looking at using one of the SVEC access points to connect to the antenna.

  Now... I've seen that other AP's are available with outputs up to 200mw, but my understanding is that the SVEC only has an output of 30mw. Will the SVEC access point we have do the job, or should we be looking at something else?

  Also - has anyone heard if svec are bringing out a 54mbit version of their access point. I've grown rather fond of the SVEC, as I'm not sure other AP's have all the features that the SVEC has. (Such as AP Client, Bridge mode, etc).

  Thanks & Regards

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