[MLB-WIRELESS] MW Intranet DNS & Redirection

Ryan Abbenhuys sneeze at alphalink.com.au
Fri Nov 28 09:12:27 EST 2003

If they are smart(dumb?) enough to think they can try and steal free
internet access from you, I'd be surprised if they weren't smart enough to
take your ".wireless.org.au" node ID and plug it into their web browser
online at some stage.

But I definitelly like the idea of any non valid domains being redirected
to a Melbwireless info page.  Currently Wantirna-AP1 resolves both MWN
intranet addresses and real internet addresses, but provides no access to
the internet.

>Excuse the late reply,
>I'm running a similar setup to Dan ie AP, Omni, DHCP server.
>But I am also having similar problems, whereby I get my DHCP server
>IP address's to hosts who never visit the router address in their web
>browser (using webalizer stats). What we need is ipchains/iptables/ipfw to
>filter port 80 request for a particular subnet to automatically take it to
>"Welcome to Melbourne Wireless, blah blah blah" site which details on how
>connect permanently. Once this node is permanently connected, that IP
>address can be taken off the filter. I think that people are connecting to
>my node thinking that they can get free internet, but I would like to
>"educate" them by visiting this website. Could some help me out on the
>iptables/ipchains rules?
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>> From: 	Dan Flett
>> Sent: 	Thursday, 20 November 2003 15:05
>> To: 	Melbourne Wirless
>> Subject: 	[MLB-WIRELESS] MW Intranet DNS & Redirection
>> Hi all,
>> From looking through the Wiki it looks like DNS for the MW network has
>> been discussed at length in the past, but I'm wondering has there been
>> recent discussion or developments?  I am Node GMR and personally, I can
>> navigate quite well just typing 10.10.x.x numbers into my browser.  I'm
>> just concerned that not being able to type in human-readable names into
>> browser will make using the network less user-friendly for the
>> punters.
>> On a related topic, I run an access point at my node with DHCP.  From
>> looking at the leases log I see that I get the occasional visitor
>> assocating with my AP.  I'm pretty sure that these visitors are either
>> neighbors' home computers associating by accident, or wardrivers looking
>> for Internet and home networks to probe.  I'm thinking that once they
>> associate, they probably think they have Internet access.  So when
>> connected they're going to type something like " www.google.com" into
>> their browsers.  And they're going to get a 404 error.
>> Is there some way to redirect these requests to my local web page at
>> or any other web page of my choosing?  All these chance
>> associations that people are having with my AP are a great chance to
>> spread the word about Melbourne Wireless and the network.  But I don't
>> think any of them are going to go to the trouble of looking at the
>> gateway that my DHCP gives them and then typing that address into their
>> browser.  Instead of a 404 I want them to see a web page that explains
>> they're not seeing Google and tells them what the Melbourne Wireless
>> Intranet is.
>> Cheers,
>> Dan
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