[MLB-WIRELESS] Orinoco in AP mode under XP (as opposed to 2K)

Peter Long peterlong at rocketmail.com
Thu Nov 27 22:09:05 EST 2003

Found this link using Google.  


Anyone know if it works?

I've been using the Windows 98 hack for a while and it
seems to work well. It was the only way I could get my
Dlink to "talk" to the Roamabout/Enterasys cards at 11
Mb. Also worked with 2Mb Wavelan cards, which don't
like the SVEC AP unless it is throttled back to 2Mb.

Isn't old technology great.......

See Ya....


--- Ryan Abbenhuys <sneeze at alphalink.com.au> wrote:
> From discussions on the HostAP list, I don't believe
> the Hermes chipset
> contains a proper Access Point ability.
> I realise there's something that makes it appear as
> if it's an AP, but as I
> understand it's far from being a fully compliant
> 802.11b AP.
> >my understanding of this was that it just made it
> look like it was an AP 
> >with stumbler kismet etc and that it didn't
> actually turn the card into an
> AP.
> >I could be wrong.
> >I don't know how to get around the Xp zeroconf
> thing.
> >
> >Matt
> >
> >At 06:40 PM 26/11/2003, you wrote:
> >>Because that's not the point of the exercise.
> >>
> >>I don't *want* to buy another AP.

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