[MLB-WIRELESS] Mesh Networks

Simon Hall simon.hall at getstarted.com.au
Wed Nov 26 02:56:27 EST 2003

Hi all,
Just thought I might drop a line into the mail list.  I have not done so for
over a year.  I am now in sunny Scotland ( hit 0 this morning brrrr.. and is
getting a little cool riding the push bike to work!)

Anyway I came across this site today. It mentions a mesh network distro that
can be run from compact flash, they also have version for CD ROM.
iewarticle&artid=6&page=1.  I thought it might be useful and help encourage
people to get more nodes functioning.  

I must admit I have not been keeping a close eye on things with regard to
Wireless, but my interest has been renewed with a purchase of a new VIA
mini-ITX form factor board.  If you are interested in small form factor
stuff then check out http://www.mini-itx.com they have huge amount of stuff
there with regard to the form factor... And if you are really interested
perhaps you might like to join the online petition to attempt to get VIA to
release all of their boards to the general market.  The new EPIA MII which
comes with a compact flash card slot and Card Bus type I & II slot on-board
which would be very useful for diskless projects and using that spare
wireless PC card that you have in the bookshelf.

I have only just come across the locustworld site so forgive me if it is not
suitable for use in the network.

Kind Regards

Simon Hall

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