[MLB-WIRELESS] dwl-900ap+ question

Jamie Moir jmoir at jmcs.net.au
Tue Nov 25 23:48:51 EST 2003

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Jamie Lovick wrote:

> > The current DLink 900+'s that are shipped with the 3.x firmware are
> > also a different hardware revision (version C2 from memory). These
> > ones don't have a PCMCIA card, but something similar in form factor
> > to laptop ram (only bigger).
> That would be MiniPCI form factor. Alot of chipsets come in this
> formfactor in a few different AP's now, including Cisco's.

You may also notice that pretty much all of the G access points on the
market, with the exception of the G upgrade for Proxim AP-2000/2500
and Avaya AP-3, use MiniPCI. I guess it is possible that as these products
develop, they will become more integrated like the minitar/svec gear,
saving the cost of the interface.

> I have had a look at a Booya/Senao AP, and it does have a similar
> looking board, possibly based on the same samsung CPU, but I am not sure
> of the rest of the features.

As another seller of the Senao gear, I can confirm that they do have a
PCMCIA card in them, but they are in fact UBICOM, not samsung based.

> Really, it's best to get an AP as a whole unit.

Ahuh, I pretty much agree.


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