[MLB-WIRELESS] How not to go war driving....

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Mon Nov 24 15:49:23 EST 2003

> We all know WEP is trivial to crack with the right tools. 
> What I'm saying
> is that it's a good deterent in that *most* wardrivers won't 
> bother with a
> WEP network when they've got 10 more in their list that have no WEP.

Indeed.  If I was after "Free Internet" from an insecure node, I wouldn't
bother cracking WEP, just move on until I found an insecure node...  It's
easier to drive than crack keys. 
> Whenever someone asks me about security I tell them straight 
> out, if you
> want security, use Cat5 not wireless.  If you are that desperate for
> wireless the best you can do with minimal hassle is a 
> deterrent only. MAC
> restrictions, WEP (with a good WEP key) and a meaningless SSID, will
> without a doubt deter most wardrivers as most wardrivers are 

Very true, it's like securing a house.  You can't keep a determined thief
out, but you can deter the majority who will seek easier and/or safer

> nothing more
> than geeks with a laptop and Netstumbler.  They're aware that 
> WEP can be
> cracked, they often don't realise they can sniff packets for 
> a valid MAC
> and change their own card to that address.

So many seem to think that MAC address filtering is secure, as if spoofing
doesn't exist.
> I've spoken to *many* people about wireless who have no idea about my
> knowledge of wireless or my affiliation with Melbwireless and 
> time and time
> again I listen to them rattle off some crap about their amazing
> hacking/wardriving skills.  

<snip>  LOL

> I would say Melbwireless members are some of the most if not the most
> knowledgable wireless users in Melbourne.  If you're going to 

I'd say bar a few who are in it professionally, you're probably right.

> fear someone
> *cracking* into your network, fear the guy who serves you a 
> sausage at the
> next meeting.
> (stop sniggering it wasn't a metaphor ;) ) 

LOL, I was beginning to wonder..... ;-)

(remembers not to mention sausages to Ryan at the next meeting, just in
case... ;P ).

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