[MLB-WIRELESS] How not to go war driving....

Ryan Abbenhuys sneeze at alphalink.com.au
Mon Nov 24 13:42:23 EST 2003

I'd have to strongly disagree with you Doc.

If you have WEP enabled, someone has to actively *crack* your WEP code to
get access to your network. Despite how easy this is to do, it equates to
hacking as far as the law is concerned as you *accidentally* connect to
WLAN and crack a WEP password.

I also disagree with your suggestion to nto even bother enabling WEP.

MAC restrictions and WEP would be a very good deterent. Your average war
driver is unlikely to bother sitting yourside your residence to spend the
time to gain access to your network without a specific reason to target
you.  Why would they when a few blocks away they're likely to find several
more network that are completely open.

As I've said before, your most dangerous person will be your neighbour who
can spend the time to crack your network in the comfort of their own home.

>I think you are all mistaken if you think having WEP does anything like
>you legal protection... or that the absense of any security is any sort of

>defense to electronic trespass.

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