[MLB-WIRELESS] How not to go war driving....

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Mon Nov 24 12:47:27 EST 2003

>  Whilst the cheapo lock/WEP at least needs someone to hacksaw 
> through it..
> it removes any ambiguity or plausible deniability about their intent.

Agreed.  WEP sends a clear signal that the network is not intended for
public consumption, which could have significance in a court of law one day.
As you say, no-one can claim you were a free for all hotspot if they had to
crack WEP to get in.

I run it on the privare AP specifically for that reason.  Of course, the MW
omni AP will be open (but in a WDMZ, so only MW services that I and others
provide will be accessible).

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