[MLB-WIRELESS] How not to go war driving....

duncan at zog.net.au duncan at zog.net.au
Mon Nov 24 12:30:50 EST 2003

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Tony Langdon wrote:

> Yeah, bit like a "Keep off the grass" sign.  It will stop the casual
> wardriver, but certainly no barrier to someone determined to get in.

Yeah I would consider WEP to be like the proverbial $2 lock - it signals
the intent that the network is private, and it requires some effort for
people to use without permission, so removes any plausible excuse that it
was there for free use.

Imagine a pushbike left on the nature strip, unlocked. Anyone who takes
the bike could quite plausibly claim they thought the bike was left out
for hard rubbish. Ditto someone who turns on their laptop and it
automaticly grabs an IP and is on the internet.. "I thought it was one of
these free hotspots"..."it just started working, isn't that how its meant
to work".. etc
 Whilst the cheapo lock/WEP at least needs someone to hacksaw through it..
it removes any ambiguity or plausible deniability about their intent.

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