[MLB-WIRELESS] A question for the Amateur Radio freaks

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Fri Nov 21 08:18:30 EST 2003

> Anyone familiar with the 433MHz band?  Will there be a 
> significant chance
> that these devices could be affected by interference from other
> (non-Radiometrix) devices?

Just looked at the device specs.  I don't know the bandwidth they use, but
I'd consult the repeater listing and stay clear of repeater inputs in busy
areas, just in case you cop interference from a passing amateur (70cm is
actually quite popular in Melbourne during "drive time").  Frequencies
you're likely to encounter problems are:

433.075 (mostly outer NE suburbs)
433.100 (inner city)
433.225 (metro area)
433.750 (metro area)

There are other repeaters that can be accessed by Melbourne based stations,
but they are less popular.

Out of town (where the rally will be), you'll probably be alright, as the
odds of a passing amateur getting into your system will be almost zilch.
However, as a precautionary measure, if there is a local repeater in a rally
area, it is wise to keep away from its input, especially if you're close to
a major road...

On the packet scene, 434.050 is active around Melbourne, and I think 434.100
is being used for APRS.  Packet frequencies are best avoided, unless you can
be sure they're clear (by checking with a scanner or similar), otherwise you
might get weird dropouts on your link. 

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