[MLB-WIRELESS] A question for the Amateur Radio freaks

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Fri Nov 21 08:07:37 EST 2003

> I've taken a look at the bandplans and repeater lists, there 
> looks like
> there could be some interference with some FM repeater 
> stations.  Lucky
> there doesn't appear to be any overlapping repeaters near 
> Monash Uni (where
> I'm developing the prototype).

Yes there are...

VK3ROU 438.225 MHz (434.225)

It's not hard to make the 20 odd km trip to the repeater from there (has
happened before).  In fact, the very existance of these walkie talkies (and
a host of other devices) has been a bit of a sh1tfight, because of the way
they were introduced.  Originally, it was proposed that low duty cycle
applications such as garage door openers, automotive locks and the like only
be allowed in this band, but when the final Class Licence came out, just
about anything was allowed, provided it met the limits.

You will also have to look out for packet radio and simplex activity in the
433-434 MHz region in busier areas, as these would clobber your gear, if you
landed on the wrong frequency.  

Best way to proceed is to consult the repeater list to eliminate nearby
repeaters (i.e. anything within 50km), and then avoid popular packet
frequencies (some packet systems are also listed, others, you will need to
try and find).  After that, you should have a quiet frequency where everyone
will be happy :-)

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