[MLB-WIRELESS] Wireless field day - server needed, WEP crack

sanbar fieldday at wireless.org.au
Fri Nov 21 07:57:07 EST 2003

Hey again,
We need someone to supply and admin a server at next week's field day. The server will be needed from about 8.30am to about 5.30pm and will hopefully handle the Melbourne Wireless link to LUV's installfest network and any software applications for wireless activities (irc, voip, ftp, streaming video and so on).  We shouldn't need any isos as we can source these from LUV, but if anyone has any wireless-specific distros, it would be handy to centralise them.
Specs are not important, and we're platform agnostic, but it is the Linux Users of Victoria we're sharing the venue with.

Also, if anyone has a machine they can set up for the day to brute-force a WEP crack as a demo, let me know.

If anyone else would like to volunteer to help run the day, be it setting up, meeting and greeting people, organising a trial of wireless applications or divining the chicken guts that is 802.11b to interested onlookers, please reply to this email.

- Barry
barry park
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http://warragul.wireless.org.au | community wireless
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