[MLB-WIRELESS] Blue Stumbling FW: [eclectika] 12-y.o. voyeur uses bluejacking, helped by Dad

Tracey.Simon at csiro.au Tracey.Simon at csiro.au
Thu Nov 20 17:00:36 EST 2003

 not apart from this ...

A recent phenomenon, called bluejacking, sees young boys using
bluetooth-enabled wireless devices to harass women.  Usually, this
means sending joke contact info to other mobile phones in the immediate
area.  Helped by his father, the 12 year-old author of
http://www.bluejackQ.com details one such exploit in classic softporn
detail - erotic setup, overcoming of reason by hormones, voiceless
female object, peak and rapid denouement.  With pictures, too!  See it
at http://www.bluejackq.com/storyjellyellie1.htm - it reads like a
letter to Penthouse (albeit a very tame one).

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