[MLB-WIRELESS] Second Melbourne Wireless field day

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Wed Nov 19 02:07:24 EST 2003

A reminder that the second Melbourne Wireless field day will be held in 
conjunction with the Linux Users of Victoria installfest at Melbourne 
University on Saturday, November 29.

Place: North Dining Hall, Union Building 
http://www.union.unimelb.edu.au/maps/, Melbourne University 
Time: 10am to 5pm
Please note that parking in the uni car park will slug you $2.

Planned activities:
* Warstumble comp. Show that you can run the fastest while balancing a lappy.
* Cantenna/antenna hacking. Modify an existing antenna for 2.4GHz or create 
a cheap new one.
* Equipment testing. Bring along your access point and see if it works. 
Throw a wireless card in your notebook and sniff a few networks.
* Troubleshoot. Come along and let the Melbourne Wireless groupies resolve 
your software and hardware issues for you.
* Install. Come and build your own wireless access point. (NOTE: If you're 
building a Linux-based AP, you will need to book an install with LUV, 
http://www.luv.asn.au/installfest2003/Installee_Registration.html. You will 
also need to look through LUV's pre-install checklist at 
* Learn. If all goes to plan, there should be plenty of working stuff to 
look at.

If you bring any gear, make sure you bring _everything_ needed to make it 
work, including all cables, power cords, monitors, keyboards, pigtails, 
power boards and software. Make sure _everything_ is clearly identified as 

At this stage, we still need volunteers to help with the event.
* Several people to come and help set up before 10am.
* People to help with antenna hacking.
* People to field questions. We had a large number of people attending the 
LUV part of the event show an interest in the wireless activities.
* People who have equipment that other people will be interested in seeing. 
Peer-to-peer nerding is most fulfilling and RIAA approved.
* People who can turn sausages on a barbecue without burning the sausages 
or themselves.
* People to manage the field day's network.

If anyone is able to assist, can they please contact me by replying 
directly to this email in the next couple of days indicating your area of 

- Barry

barry park
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http://warragul.wireless.org.au | community wireless
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