[MLB-WIRELESS] A question for the Amateur Radio freaks

David Ng nudge at d2.net.au
Mon Nov 17 23:13:52 EST 2003

Hi all,

This is slightly OT, but:
I'm in the process of obtaining some Radiometrix UHF FM Radio Packet
Controllers, which work at 433MHz (SP2-433-160 -
I've checked out the frequency allocations and it states that the band is
used for Amateur Radiolocation in Australia, which is good (seeing as thats
what these babies are used for).

However, after scoping around the internet, I've read that I could run into
some problems running these devices in Australia, as the 433MHz segment is
also used by the Amateur Radio Service for Repeater Use or something

Anyone familiar with the 433MHz band?  Will there be a significant chance
that these devices could be affected by interference from other
(non-Radiometrix) devices?


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