[MLB-WIRELESS] ACA to end Morse code proficiency requirement for amateur radio operators

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Media Release
  Contact: paul.slocum at aca.gov.au
Media Release No. 51 - 17 November 2003

ACA to end Morse code proficiency requirement for amateur radio operators

Australia’s amateur radio operators will no longer have to be skilled in 
Morse code from next year.

The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) announced today that it 
would discontinue the requirement for amateur radio operators to be 
proficient in Morse code from 1 January 2004.

The decision follows an extensive review of the amateur radio service 
which the ACA launched in August with the release of a discussion paper 
A Review of Amateur Service Regulation. The paper outlined current 
regulatory arrangements for the service, as well as proposing options 
for the future.

ACA Acting Chairman Dr Bob Horton said the ACA had received more than 
1400 written submissions commenting on the issues set out in the paper 
and from public meetings arranged for amateur operators throughout 

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