[MLB-WIRELESS] Re: Credit Application Declined

Steve Smithies steve42 at gmx.net
Mon Nov 17 12:06:03 EST 2003

Isn't it a good idea not to reply to the spammer and let them know
that the address they spammed is live, or feed them your address too?

When you hit reply to the spams, make sure its only the list that gets
them and not the spammer as well!


Monday, November 17, 2003, 11:36:44 AM, you wrote:
s> At 08:51 PM 16/11/2003, James \"Atreidae\": Arber wrote:
>>oh shi.
>>I applied for a credit card?
>>oh wait.. spam :)

s> Not if we get a $10k credit limit and book up a carrier licence ...
s> :)
s> - Barry

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