[MLB-WIRELESS] Free P2P phones usb adaptor

Tony Langdon, VK3JED vk3jed at optushome.com.au
Thu Nov 13 22:58:38 EST 2003

At 04:30 PM 13/11/2003 +1100, Fenn Bailey wrote:

>On that note (and this is a stupid breakdown of the technology caused by my
>incompetence), but Barry (Park) left a message on my FWD voicemail (leaving
>his number) which I stupidly deleted, then couldn't find him on the FWD
>If you're out there Barry, please call again! (I'm online now :)

Well, after our chat on FWD, I'm impressed.  The system certainly works 
well and is easy to use.  Love the voicemail.  Just point an IMAP client at 
it (as per the instructions in the email), and it'll automagically appear 
in your inbox. :-)  This is gonna be an awesome tool for keeping in 
touch.  It's definitely on the "must run" list on my system nowadays.

The US 1800 freeecall capability will be useful too, there's been times 
I've wanted to call one of those numbers.  Great for dealing with potential 
suppliers. :)

Now to play with Asterix and see what other magic is possible... Hmm, 
wonder if I can also do a radio - IP phone patch as well...

73 de VK3JED

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