Steve Smithies steve42 at gmx.net
Thu Nov 13 16:32:31 EST 2003

>> http://www.fwd.pulver.com/index.php in the configuration,
TL> <snip>

TL> Well, I'd find US toll free numbers useful from time to time, that and IP-IP
TL> connectivity was enough to convince me FWD was a goer. :)

I've been using FWD a bit more today.  My attempt to call a Canadian
toll-free number didn't work too well.. I got through and could hear
them fine, but they couldn't understand me.  "Sir.. You're breaking
up.. Are you on a cellular phone".

On the positive side: Just spent the last 30 minutes talking to my
sister in NZ, who is on ADSL, clear as day... less than a half-second
lag.  Very usable.

Chatting to a modem user in NZ last night was rather choppy, though.
Will investigate that further, as the other end might have been
downloading at the same time.


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