[MLB-WIRELESS] Free P2P phones will pressure telcos

Fenn Bailey fenn_b at smktech.com.au
Thu Nov 13 13:47:02 EST 2003

Bringing things back on note with wireless stuff (also re: VOIP), clusters
of wireless connected clients could also get together to try and purchase
VOIP calls through a carrier.

I will very possibly be in a position to offer this sort of thing first
quarter next year.

If the wireless coverage/routability goes up, I like the idea of untimed
VOIP calls via wireless, though, like everything else a whole lot of
technical, logistical, legal and human factors probably make this close to

Oh well, a man can dream... A man can dream...


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> >I would much prefer a 802.11a/b/g device as my house is covered with
> >that but I don't know if there are any cordless headsets on the market
> >that would be suitable?
> >
> >All opinions and suggestions appreciated
> An iPaq running linux with an 802.11b card and a headset.

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