[MLB-WIRELESS] TIB offer? SIP Phones

andrewg at d2.net.au andrewg at d2.net.au
Thu Nov 13 12:14:12 EST 2003

> I guess we'd want either something that lets you dial an IP address, or
> something that lets you interface with a server that we host somewhere
> on the network that translates "phone numbers" to IP addresses.

Depending on the configuration, you can do that... sometimes it takes the
format of *192*168*0*129# or so. But really, it'd be easy enough to setup
asterisk.org to be a SIP registry and do the calling for you. (It can even
help you bypass nat problems, by tunneling. (nat=yes)).

I'd be interested in doing a melb-wireless VoIP setup, but its likely I'm
going to be in the US for a while, and currently I'm living in .nz. (Which
reminds me, the membership reminder messages need to have a email now, and
email you back in like 4-5 days, due to often I'll see a vaguely important
email and think I'll get back to that later..)

> ....maybe Tony really can have 1900-VK3JED or 0055-VK3JED

Reminds me when I was getting the pulltheplug convo up, and someone prank
called someone else trying to sell them insurance. was very funny, because
the person he called managed to confuse him enough.


For a naming scheme, you'd probably want to use (area code)(extension) and
possibly put a registry in each (x user) area. Macros will help with call
routing if asterisk is used (see the asterisk.org handbook).

I think if we have a "central" setup, this will help with Melbourne
Wireless's reputation, as it can be "a look @ what we've got". I know in
some cases family members who otherwise wouldn't be interested would want
to join in.

- andrewg

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